Choosing the Best Supply Chain Recruiters


Choosing a reliable supply chain recruiter is a challenging task, especially with the many supply chain recruiting firms available today. Not all supply chain recruiters are created equal. This is because these firms are unique regarding the services they offer, the area of specialization and expertise as well as experience. While there is nothing wrong with hiring a certified supply chain company, there is a need to look past their certification. In this regard, below are some of the variables you need to put into consideration when engaging the services of a supply chain recruiting company.

Area of Specialization- Some supply chain recruiting companies have specialized in only one field of supply chain. For instance, some companies specialize in procurement while others are logistics recruiters, but many have not concentrated in any area of the supply chain. When assessing companies, ensure that they fit your specific needs from a functional expertise viewpoint. To validate your selection, check on their website the number of supply chain vacancies that they have filled in the last few months. Watch this video about recruiting.

Years of Experience – With the increase of supply chain positions over the last few years, there is a need to know the how long the supply chain recruiter you intend to engage has been in this industry. This will come a long way in picking a company that is well conversant with supply chain recruiting process. For instance, if you are looking for a procurement officer, then you need to look for a supply chain recruiter that has solid experience in procurement industry. You can check their client testimonials on their site, but it is always a good idea to request for recommendations before hiring a supply chain recruiting service.

Consider the services from – If you are looking for executive candidates, you may not consider whether the supply chain firm has experience with contingency or part-time staffing. While it is an important thing to think about, it is wise to work with a firm that offers a wide range of recruiting services. Also, look for a firm that will be able to present the best candidate for your supply chain position.

Know how they the recruiting process works – Ensure that the firm you engage has solutions for finding potential candidates. Some of these supply chain recruiting firms uncover their candidates through networking.

Engaging the services of the best supply chain recruiter in the market is one of the most crucial steps that your company can take. Hiring the right supply chain recruiting firm helps you to find the right talent for your vacancies, saves your time, effort and money. Taking into account the variable mentioned above, you should be able to find the right company that will suit your needs.


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